Choosing a Home Loan shouldn’t be as hard as choosing a home

November 12, 2019

Buying a house is one of life’s biggest decisions

Over the last 30 years, Banks have made home loans way too complicated. Honeymoon rates, fixed rates, packages, free credit cards, frequent flyer points, redraw fees for this and fees for that. If you are a customer with good equity saved and a good credit rating – a home loan is just a simple commodity.  Good home loan borrowers can now think of a mortgage much like petrol.  It doesn’t really matter who you get your mortgage from!  Increasingly, what matters is the price at the pump.

couple signing documents to apply for their new home loan

A home loan is just a simple commodity

Buying a new home is one of the biggest decisions in a person’s life – but don’t be fooled into believing that choosing a home loan is anywhere near as significant. As competition increases in the home loan market in Australia, good customers are discovering that mortgages are becoming more and more portable. The fees associated with switching Banks are getting lower and increasingly, much of the work can now be done online.

Joust has sliced out the middle man

If your home loan needs are complicated by poor credit history, unpredictable or low income or you only have a low amount of equity – advice in respect of your home loan options could be very helpful. A good Accountant, Bank Manager or Mortgage Broker can play an important role in helping you find the right home loan. But if you know you have a good credit history and you have got good equity in your home you are considered a “prime” home loan customer and the cost of “advice” doesn’t need to be factored into the home loan value chain.

Joust is allowing good customers to choose from some of the best banks in Australia who are bidding with their best home loan rates, without the cost of advice being included in the interest rate ultimately offered. For the first time, there is now a “non-advice” home loan market place available to “prime” home loan customers and for the most competitive Banks to come together. The cost of advice always turns up somewhere. Whenever there is a “middle-man” earning trail commissions, the price inevitably goes up. For those customers who need advice, it is fair enough that the cost will be slightly higher. For those good Australian customers who deserve to be offered lower interest rates on their home loans – there is now a “non-advice” model delivering unrivaled competitive tension straight to your mobile phone and with 100% transparency.

Joust is allowing good customers to choose the best banks

Joust has “sliced” unnecessary costs out of the home loan market in Australia and as Banks battle it out on Joust – customers are winning.