Refinance your way into
a holiday with Joust

Refinancing is a great way to give yourself some breathing room on your home loan repayments, and free up some money.

What could you do with some extra savings? 

How about taking the family on an overseas holiday? Or a private get away just for the two of you. 

Travel easy with the knowledge that by using Joust, your home loan has a great rate.

There are no fees, no obligation, no worries! It’s that simple!


How Joust works

Joust app tablet interface - screen 1

Set up a Joust

How do I Joust? It’s easy – and free! Simply click on Joust now and enter basic information about your desired loan and your personal financial situation. Lenders use this information to determine how aggressively they will chase you with their best home loan rates, so it’s an important step.

Joust app tablet interface - screen 2

Watch the lenders Joust

Find the one… Joust will introduce you. This is the fun part. Sit back and watch on your digital leaderboard as lenders bid against each other to drive down your home loan rate. This is a live, exciting and revolutionary way to potentially save thousands on your loan.

Joust app tablet interface - screen 3

Choose a victor

Once the Joust is over, it’s time to choose the winning home loan rate. We will connect you directly with the lender to sign on the dotted line. There’s no middleman and no hoops to jump through – just an easy and interactive way to slash your home loan rate.

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