Join the Financial Service Revolution

November 13, 2019

Did you know there is a major revolution happening in the Australian Financial Services Industry and you should be part of it? Otherwise, you may be paying too much on your home mortgage.

knight on a horse fighting for your lowest home loan rate

Many Australian home loan lenders have been stuck in the dark ages, the bad old days where they relied on a void of publicly available personal credit file information to charge high-interest rates on consumer credit products. Practices such as penalising consumers that made numerous inquiries with different lenders to obtain better home loan rates were common in the industry. Until recently, making multiple credit inquiries would diminish your credit score and your credit rating, often resulting in a higher interest rate offer.

Matt Symons, the co-founder of the successful start-up disruptive Fintech business Society One, led the charge for good customers to have access to better interest rates for products such as personal loans and credit cards through his innovative peer-to-peer lending platform.

Peer-to-peer lending has been extremely popular overseas for a number of years now, rewarding good customers by providing better interest rates than are generally available through mainstream banks.

Joust is another great step forward in the home loan revolution and has been brought to life to help good customers get the best home loan interest rates on a dynamic, obligation-free online marketplace (which is free to use). All this without all the hassle and running around normally associated with finding the best home loan interest rate. And, now you can cut out the middle man costs and trust issues associated with using a broker.

Did you know that using a mortgage broker means that much of the discount you could be receiving from a lender goes to that broker? It goes to them in the form of upfront fees and trail commission usually paid for the life of the loan. If you have complicated financial affairs, you may need a broker. However, many Australians have a relatively straight forward financial position and don’t need any advice, they just need to find the best home loan interest rate available in the market place.

And…who really has the spare time or patience to try and understand hundreds of products that you find on all the home loan comparison sites?

Joust brings the lenders to you. They battle it out to win your business, all while you sit back and watch them Jousting in-real time on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Like Society One, Joust obtains your credit score by using the Equifax Access Seeker product which does not have any negative impact on your credit rating.

Now, you can enjoy the benefits of better home loan interest rates and Joust is extremely proud to be playing its part in the revolution.