Joust – What We Do to Find You a Better Home Loan Rate

November 13, 2019

Many good customers pay too much on their current home loan interest rates.

The traditional approach to finding a home loan is demanding on both your time and money.

Currently, 59 percent of mortgages in Australia start with a mortgage broker but the big question remains as to whether the broker is actually getting you the best deal available in the market or the deal that pays the best commissions for them?

We Help Find the Lowest Home Loan Rates In Australia 

Joust combines the capabilities of a comparison site, the ultimate home loan calculator and the excitement of a live bidding environment. We are a competitive digital marketplace dedicated to finding you the home loan rate you deserve.

You shouldn’t have to spend hours researching the different home loan rates in Australia or liaise with a mortgage broker who may not be completely independent or acting in your best interests. Instead, Joust brings the lenders directly to you on a convenient platform, encouraging competitive rates customised to your profile. And since lenders are able to see what the others are bidding, they’re able to submit multiple bids to try and win your business.

Joust is committed to delivering value by eliminating the need for a middle man. Without a mortgage broker, high fees and trail commissions are added back into the value chain. With the help of Joust, lenders can bid with great interest rates, with real savings that can all be compared on your own leaderboard.

Good Consumers Have Their Business Valued in a Dynamic Digital Marketplace

We believe home loan rates should be customised to your unique situation. After all, every customer has a different equity and a different credit rating. Why should you pay the same interest rate as someone with bad credit?

If you are a low-risk customer, such as having a low loan to valuation profile – you deserve better pricing.

When you create a Joust profile, many of your other details will have an influence on the bids you can receive. Whether you have a higher income, longer service in your job – there are many factors that we believe should influence your home loan rate.

Our belief is that Joust is a perfect tool to provide recognition for your individual profile. Get recognised as a customer who deserves the best home loan rates.

Would you like to learn more about how Joust can help you find the best home loan rates in Australia?