How can you possibly link the Bachelorette and home loans?

I read this week that casting for Season 5 of the Bachelorette was getting underway at Channel 10. My son had his girlfriend over last year during the last season. This forced the household, including me, to watch the last two episodes of the Bachelorette (that’s my story, anyway).

The poor guys on the show really had to put their best foot forward – and inevitably there could be only one winner. The girl certainly seemed to fancy at least a few of the guys and it was a hard fought competition. It made me think of the Joust process. Joust promises to deliver a similar experience, but for home loan customers.

If you can picture yourself being the highly sought after female character in the Bachelorette… and the banks are the enthusiastic male contestants. Joust will launch in South Australia next month and will introduce an absolute first for how you obtain a new home loan. 

The lenders participating on the Joust platform will be putting their best foot forward and competing fiercely for the heart of the valued consumer. Just like the Bachelorette, there will be a very excited winner… you, the happy consumer. 

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Mark Bevan, Joust Founder