Use Joust and avoid the lender stalking game

We’ve all experienced this. You’ve used a comparison website or the like, to then have multiple financial organisations bombarding you. You know, those phone calls and emails. And what’s worst of all, calling your number repeatedly and not even leaving a message! Blocking numbers is a great feature on your mobile, isn’t it? 

Many home loan comparison websites and other platforms promise to make life easier for you, but in fact, deliver the opposite. They set the trap by asking you to provide an email or a mobile number to continue through a process. Sometimes it’s a cheeky, innocent opt-in check box, which leads to the chase – trying to get your business. 

Joust takes out the middleman.

At Joust, we strongly dislike 'stalky' sales tactics – and from our research, we expect you do too. We have intentionally designed the Joust platform with customer privacy at the forefront. Our Jousters being in complete control is fundamental to the journey. 

Find a better home loan… without the annoying sales people.

When you Joust, you’re in total control of your personal information. Your details are only shared with the winning lender, if and when you decide to accept a home loan offer for your new house purchase, renovation or mortgage refinance. If you Joust but then decide not to accept any loan offers, your details are never shared. You won’t hear from any pesky sales people…ever… 

If you decide not to accept an offer from Joust, you will only hear from us in a follow up email – so we can politely ask why Joust didn’t meet your needs at this time. And of course, we may ask if there is anything we can do to improve the Joust experience. 

After this point in time you will only ever hear from Joust again if you decide to opt into our email list or you follow us on our social media channels. We would love you to allow us to keep in touch, as we want to maintain a two-way conversation with Jousters, but it’s completely up to you. 

We know that Australians are looking for more control over their financial lives, and we have a strong vision that the people (hopefully you) will enjoy being in total control when using Joust. Being able to Joust anonymously is a key aspect of delivering this. 

Joust will launch at the end of May so return to our website then to start your Joust.

Damien Mair, Joust Co-Founder