Our 500-day start-up journey: It won’t happen overnight

There’s no shortage of content on entrepreneurship and start-ups. And a lot of what’s out there romanticises start-ups. It goes something like this…

The founders have a great idea. A terrific team is formed, who work long hours to design and build the product – which of course, solves a problem. Off to market they go. With fame and fortune just around the corner.

It’s not always like this, in reality.

The Joust team are looking forward to launch next month – and it’s a great time to reflect on our start-up journey. By the time we help our first customer, our team will have been working on Joust for approximately 500 days. A lot of late nights, early mornings and coffee hits.

We began mulling over our ideas late in 2014, and took the decision to create Joust in January 2015. In those early months, having a good idea and dreaming of what it could be was fun. We were optimistic, which fuelled the fire for all of those 500 days. Thoughts were focussed on how we would be helping customers in August or September 2015. A start-up takes a mountain of work and more importantly, a committed and dedicated team.

Forming a strong team is just as important as the great idea – and it doesn’t happen overnight. There are lots of pieces to our team puzzle, which fell nicely into place in 2015. At every turn, we discovered more had to be done. We required new skillsets at different points.

Finding that “angel” investment is crucial for many start-ups – and Joust was no different. After pitching and presenting for many months, our angel investment round finally came together in September 2015. By October, we had our funding to get us through to a planned launch. At that stage, it was planned for March or April 2016.

Now, we all love Christmas holidays but you guessed it – Christmas holidays interfered with our launch date. As 2015 drew to a close, we were still discovering more streams of work to be undertaken. 

In January 2016, our planning and scheduling meant we had a level of confidence about launching Joust in May 2016. Gratefully, our team continues to tackle the pile of work, which grows each day.

It’s now April, and we find ourselves just six weeks from our scheduled launch. Stress  levels, adrenaline and anticipation are all running high. Many people think start-ups become successful overnight. 500 days from initial concept to helping our first customer, is anything but overnight.

It’s all been worth it. The Joust team can’t wait to help hundreds of Australians achieve a fantastic outcome for their home loans.  Be sure to register at www.joustnow.com.au to be alerted as soon as Joust is available in your state. 

Mark Bevan, Joust Founder