Joust is becoming the logical way for good customers to get a new home loan

It was a fantastic opportunity for Joust to join three of Australia’s most disruptive businesses at the Disrupters event held in Adelaide last week.  It was inspiring to hear from leaders of other Disrupters  Uber Vinomofo and Expre3ss.  It was also an opportunity for Joust to share with the crowd of nearly 200 business people, that more than 120 South Australians had  “Jousted” approximately $55m worth of home loans in just three weeks.

The energetic audience was eager to hear about the start-up journey and understand the challenges.  As part of the Disrupters panel, we were able to reflect on what we did right, highlight some of the mistakes made along the way and share our most valuable advice.  

The exciting thing for Joust is that consumers have quickly identified with the Joust value proposition and the convenience, transparency and empowerment of the Joust process for obtaining the best possible home loan interest rate.  Just as Uber has become a phenomenally successful alternative to taxis worldwide and Vinomofo are successfully taking on the world by creating a tribe of followers in the wine business, Joust is poised to lead a revolution in retail lending – starting in Australia.   From the convenience of the couch at home, or the train ride to work, consumers with a good credit rating and good equity in their homes are able to create their own “Joust” and watch as lenders bid against each other, live, straight back to your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Thanks again to In Daily and Bernadette Schwartz see here for hosting such a fantastic event. Also a big thanks to Expr3ss for arranging the delectable Rocky Road treat from iconic SA business Haighs, which our family thoroughly enjoyed. 

Joust Managing Director, Mark Bevan