Learning from our customers

I expect that anyone who has worked with a large Bank or Financial Services business is very familiar with the term Continuous Improvement Program.   My sense is that these programs have been very prevalent in the finance industry for more than a decade.   When we formed Joust in early 2015, I assumed that I had probably been part of my last Continuous Improvement Program.   Little did I know that from the moment Joust went “live” with our “pilot” in South Australia on 1st of June 2016 – we would be embarking on a permanent Continuous Improvement Program.   We undertook a lot of research, design and testing of the Joust platform but there is nothing like learning from our customers.  Constructive feedback from our customers has been offered immediately and it really is greatly appreciated by any start-up business.  The Joust team is doing its best to learn from customers who give Joust a try and those who take a look and elect not to proceed.   One of the beauties of Joust is that it is obligation free and only if you declare a winner of your Joust, will the winning lender be able to contact you.  This means that many consumers have been able to take a close look at the Joust experience for new home loans and refinancing existing home loans without fear of being harassed by pushy Brokers or Bankers.

We have been rapt with the response from consumers in the first week of our pilot.   Many have jumped straight in and are already receiving ultra competitive bids from our panel of lenders.  Even consumers with more complex needs are telling us how much they like the Joust business model.  It is important to refer to the “Is Joust for me” section of our website – to understand our audience.  Many consumers are registering their interest to be advised if Joust expands our product offering and many customers are telling their friends and family about us or following us on Facebook.

One thing is certain, Joust will continue to seek out feedback from our customers and strive to improve our platform on an ongoing basis.   It seems Joust is on a continuous, Continuous Improvement Program.  The joys of being a start-up business.

Joust Managing Director, Mark Bevan