Mortgage platform to chase low-deposit borrowers

By Charbel Kadib 04 July 2018

Mortgage marketplace Joust has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign with the goal of raising a minimum of $700,000 and up to $2 million.

Speaking to Mortgage Business, founder and managing director of Joust Mark Bevan noted that the equity raised would be used to fund the mortgage originator’s domestic and international growth ambitions, with Mr Bevan revealing that Joust is in “advanced talks” with New Zealand-based parties looking to replicate the business model.  

“Approximately half of the funds raised will be earmarked for marketing and advertising to scale the business here in Australia,” the MD said.

“The other half is a split between technology development plans we’ve got for other products beyond home loans, exploration of potential opportunities to replicate the Joust business model in overseas markets, and to build out our team and reduce some key person risk within the business, and add some broader skill sets.”

Mr Bevan also revealed that Joust plans to broaden its platform to borrowers with loan-to-value ratios (LVR) of over 80 per cent. 

“Our initial target audience was the high-credit quality, prime consumer, and we’ve had an excellent response from prime consumers, which has been our target audience,” the MD said. 

“However, we continue to get some interest and inquiries both from the banks on the supply side and from customers around potentially pushing out our LVR ratio maximums.

“At the moment, 80 per cent LVR is the maximum to be able to deal with Joust, but that would be one of the enhancements that we’d look at — potentially pushing that upwards so we can help more Australians.” 

Further, Mr Bevan told Mortgage Business that recent scrutiny of the mortgage industry from the financial services royal commission could present Joust with an opportunity to further highlight the value of its offering.

“Our internal view is that the royal commission will highlight significant concerns around a lack of transparency and a lack of real competition, and they are the key areas of focus for the Joust business model in terms of bringing significantly greater transparency and making it easier for consumers to actually obtain real competition tension,” the MD added.