Why Use Joust to Refinance Your Current Mortgage?

Joust helps you find lower home loan rates. When you use Joust, you avoid having to wade through the complexities of unnecessary or low value home loan features. This means you may not need help from an accountant or a mortgage broker. Many of our Banks bid with great interest rates with those annoying hidden fees and costs removed.

At Joust we believe good customers should be rewarded. Why do new customers receive lower home loan interest rates than existing long-term customers?

Many banks offer 'honeymoon rates' to new customers. These honeymoon rates are introductory rates and only last for a certain amount of time. 

We believe it's a great time to Joust - when you have an existing home loan.  To benefit the most from the competitive tension that Joust creates, you'll ideally have a reasonable credit score, a steady income and at least 5% equity in your home, or a 5% deposit.

Under the competitive tension created by the Joust live auction environment, Joust opens up opportunities for lower home loan rates than you would normally have access to otherwise.

Using your profile information, banks can often do more than quote you a pre-existing, standard deal or rate. They are motivated to consider your profile then compete in real time and beat rival offers.

Joust can help you obtain lower home loan rates to refinance your home.  

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