December 15, 2019

Why a Household Budget Is a Must

Let’s face it, for most people, dealing with and talking about money is intensely personal. You’ve worked hard for your paycheck, and it can be disappointing to watch it disappear with every bill paid and item bought. It’s a very emotional topic for many people, too. In a culture where money – or high-end things […]

What is a Comparison Rate?

A comparison rate includes both the loan interest rate and any associated fees combined into a single percentage so there is complete transparency in the total cost to you. A comparison rate is calculated in terms of industry regulations and determined by the following: A loan amount of $150,000 A loan term of 25 years […]

How To Use Your Good Credit Score To Your Advantage

In the US and the UK most people know their credit score and are able to use it to negotiate more favourable loan terms. Right now in Australia – we are way behind. Very few of us know what our Credit Score is and until Joust arrived in the Australian home loan market – there […]

How Joust Protects Your Credit Rating

Building a healthy credit rating and then maintaining your credit score should be a very high priority for all Australian home loan consumers. Every credit provider wants to know the likelihood of customers repaying a loan. So, the higher your credit score, the more confidence they will have that you will repay a loan in […]

Why Use Joust to Refinance Your Current Mortgage?

Joust can help you obtain lower home loan rates to refinance your home.  When you use Joust, you avoid having to wade through the complexities of unnecessary or low-value home loan features.  This means you may not need help from an accountant or a mortgage broker.  Many of our Banks bid with great interest rates with […]

Ever wondered how much your bank values you as a customer?

Have you ever noticed how loyal some people are to specific brands? Fierce debates rage on over the superiority of Apple or Android; entire extended families may choose to own only a single brand of car. Most Australians wouldn’t even consider bringing a Vegemite knock-off into the home, and some people refuse to drink a […]

Join the Financial Service Revolution

Did you know there is a major revolution happening in the Australian Financial Services Industry and you should be part of it? Otherwise, you may be paying too much on your home mortgage. Many Australian home loan lenders have been stuck in the dark ages, the bad old days where they relied on a void […]

Transparent Variable Rate Home Loans – It Is Possible

Deciding which home loan to choose can be tricky business, particularly when it comes to the stability of a fixed-rate or the flexibility of a variable rate. Variable rates have traditionally been attractive due to their initially low rate, but how do you know if that rate will remain low? Banks have significant control in the setting of […]