Put your mortgage on the market with Joust

Australia’s most competitive home loan platforms have joined forces to bring you even better services.

LoanDolphin and Joust have merged, revolutionising the home loan process for borrowers, brokers and banks alike. Now customers can enjoy the unique services of both businesses, under one banner – Joust. 

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Find the perfect home loan solution for you with our truly unique Joust Marketplace, Concierge service and Instant Match.


Put your mortgage on the market and watch the power change hands in a real-time auction where banks and lenders bid against each other to help get you the best home loan rate. It takes just 3-minutes to set up, is free to use, and won’t affect your credit rating.

A great Joust profile meets 3 requirements:
– A healthy credit score
– A steady income
– At least 10% equity or deposit in your home

Concierge service

Find the right lending solution for you with help from our home loan specialists. Create an enquiry and connect with an expert today.

Instant Match

Instant Match pairs you instantly with lenders and brokers with loan options that meet your specific needs and preferences. Thanks to our clever data matching and customer experience platform, now all home loan customers can access compatible recommendations easily.

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