What is a Trail Commission?

November 13, 2019

Fees and trailing commissions are how mortgage brokers make their money. The banks pay mortgage brokers to send business their way. When using a mortgage broker, banks have to pay them high upfront fees and a trailing commission that is paid annually. 

image of brokers to help explain trail commissions

The broker is paid a front-end fee sometimes as high as 0.60%. And in many cases, trail commissions in the vicinity of 0.35% annually.

The lender often has to keep paying the mortgage broker a commission each year the loan continues. If the home loan is for 30 years, this can add up to be a very large amount.

Joust does not charge banks a trail commission. Most Banks will bid with very competitive home loan interest rates and without annoying fees that impact on the overall comparison rate.

If you select a bank and complete your home loan with them, Joust receives a one-off 0.20% success fee from the bank. This success fee is significantly less than the average mortgage broker up-front fees and trailing commission.

Joust is able to provide consumers with a digital marketplace where lenders are bidding directly to your device with no middleman, giving total transparency. 

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