How Joust Protects Your Credit Rating

November 13, 2019

Building a healthy credit rating and then maintaining your credit score should be a very high priority for all Australian home loan consumers.

Every credit provider wants to know the likelihood of customers repaying a loan. So, the higher your credit score, the more confidence they will have that you will repay a loan in terms of the credit agreement.

Usually, when you apply for a new loan or credit facility, the provider will complete a full credit check with reputable credit bureaus such as Equifax. However, in many instances, these full credit checks can serve to negatively affect your credit score, so you always need to be vigilant. The last thing you want is to have an exemplary credit score that then gets marred by multiple full credit checks. All that hard work and diligence on your part would no longer shine through.

At Joust, we understand that you need to protect your credit rating. We therefore subscribe to the Equifax Access Seeker service, which does not have any negative impact on your credit score.

In fact, once you have submitted a Joust, you are the only person who will ever know that you have used Joust.

image of a knight on a horse jousting to show that Joust are jousting to protect your credit rating

We perform an Equifax inquiry to extract your credit score, representing it in the form of a credit score band to the Joust panel of lenders. This will never be visible to any credit providers. So, they won’t be able to see that you are shopping around for the best home loan interest rate.

You are our number one focus, and we always strive to help you get the best home loan interest rate possible.

For more information on how Joust protects your credit rating via the Equifax Access Seeker product visit our Terms and Conditions. Or, to learn more about Equifax, visit