Watch here to see how Banks Battle and You win.

Joust connects you directly with up to twenty one lenders on our revolutionary live auction platform. Lenders can see each other's bids in real time and you watch on your mobile as they drive rates down to win your business.

The Banks want you to choose them. You are the prize they are fighting for. You set the timeframe and you choose the winner.

How Joust works

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Set up a Joust

How do I Joust? It’s easy – and free! Simply click on Joust now and enter basic information about your desired loan and your personal financial situation. Lenders use this information to determine how aggressively they will chase you with their best home loan rates, so it’s an important step.

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Watch the lenders Joust

Find the one… Joust will introduce you. This is the fun part. Sit back and watch on your digital leaderboard as lenders bid against each other to drive down your home loan rate. This is a live, exciting and revolutionary way to potentially save thousands on your loan.

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Choose a victor

Once the Joust is over, it’s time to choose the winning home loan rate. We will connect you directly with the lender to sign on the dotted line. There’s no middleman and no hoops to jump through – just an easy and interactive way to slash your home loan rate.

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Is Joust right for me?

Looking to save money with a better interest rate? Use Joust and you’ll save time doing it too. It’s fun, easy, authentic and independent. To attract the very best home loan rates, a Jouster ideally will have 3 features to create a perfect match. 

  1. Credit rating – A good credit score lands you better deals

  2. Employment record – You have a steady income stream

  3. Equity in your home – You’ve built up at least 10% deposit or equity

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Take control of your loan

Finding the best home loan rates is hard. Talking to every single lender takes too long. Mortgage Brokers can be helpful if your situation is complex. Comparison sites only contain static data and can be confusing. Joust brings the lenders to you… and lets you speed date direct with lenders to choose your mortgage sweetheart. Put your feet up, save time, money and hassle! A Joust auction puts you in control of your loan.

Can Joust work for me?


A competitive advantage

Joust is your online matchmaker in home loans. From your digital leader board, you can see every rate bid on your mortgage… and so can all the other lenders. This means lenders work hard to beat each other and can offer you better than their standard rates.

How does Joust work?


Risk free. Obligation free. FREE!

There’s no pressure. No rejection. No strings attached. You don’t have to accept any offers and your information is kept private until you do accept. Deal or no deal… you choose!

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