You’ve probably browsed home loan calculators and mortgage rate comparison websites to compare mortgage rates. But that’s about as far as you went. Joust goes a whole lot further…lenders compete directly against each other with their best home loan rates – Jousting specifically for you - direct on your preferred smart device. 

Here’s how Joust works.

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1. Enter your loan information

Start a Joust on your desktop, tablet or smartphone. You’ll need to enter some key info:

•    The purpose of your loan (new mortgage, refinance, or home renovation)
•    The desired value and repayment period of the loan
•    Variable or Fixed and if you’d like an offset account
•    Personal details including your name, current address, employment and drivers    licence

This information is also used to obtain a Equifax credit score presented in a score band, making sure you’re a good match for our lenders giving them the confidence to compete hard so they can deliver you their best home loan rates. 


2. Start your Joust

When we talk Jousts, they are the period in which lenders bid with their best home loan rates. Set the timeframe of your Joust, from 1 to 3 business days, including the exact finishing time to suit you. 

Jousts are live, so you won’t miss anything. Tell us how you’d like to receive Instant Alerts as new bids come in, either by email or SMS, so you can check your leaderboard.

Now you can begin your Joust. 

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3. View competing bids on your Leaderboard

Time is ticking now! Lenders will aim to out-do each other for your business. Both you and all of the lenders can check out your digital leaderboard to view the list of mortgage interest rate bids, which makes it easy to see who’s making the most competitive bid. 

Watch as the lenders play for top position on your leaderboard. Check it anytime from any device – just login on your web browser. 


4. Choose a victor

If a lender has Jousted an attractive bid that’s too good to refuse, you can stop an active Joust at any time. 

Alternatively, once your Joust has finished, you have up to 24 hours to review all of the bids on your leaderboard and declare a winner – the best mortgage rate for you. 

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5. Seal the deal

Once you’ve chosen your winner, Joust passes on your personal information to your victorious lender. They’ll be in touch direct to finalise your loan application.

That’s it!