Is Joust for Me?

Joust matches home loan customers with our lending partners who compete live with their best mortgage rates on a principal and interest repayment basis.

A great Joust profile meets 3 requirements to find a perfect match. 

A healthy credit score

Your credit score will help lenders determine your creditworthiness for a mortgage. In the eyes of lenders, your credit score represents how responsible you are with money.

A steady income

A steady income indicates to the lenders that you may have the capacity to repay the home loan. This is an important aspect which goes towards you being offered better rates, so you can save money during the life of your loan.

At least 10% equity or deposit in your home

If you’re looking to refinance and have a minimum of 20% equity in your current residential home or a deposit of 10% or greater for a new purchase, our partners could compete harder with better home loan interest rates. Lenders can reward you for having higher equity with their best home loan rates.