Is Joust for Me?

Whether you’re looking to refinance your existing mortgage or for a better home loan rate, Joust is a win-win. Choose from one of our home loan solutions below.


Joust Marketplace saves you time and money while letting lenders access customers fairly and on the same terms. This revolutionary reverse auction model invites banks and brokers to bid for your loan with their best mortgage rates – putting the power back into your hands.

A great Joust profile meets 3 requirements:
– A healthy credit score
– A steady income
– At least 10% equity or deposit in your home

Instant Match

Instant Match pairs you instantly with lenders and brokers with loan options that meet your specific needs and preferences. Thanks to our clever data matching and customer experience platform, now all home loan customers can access compatible recommendations easily.

Concierge service

Connect with our experts to find a home loan solution that suits you. Start by completing an enquiry and our team will be in touch shortly.