Our Lenders

Bendigo Bank

And while we’re Australia’s fifth biggest bank, we prefer to see ourselves as the biggest of the good banks because we do things a little differently. Thanks to our 1.8 million customers, we’ve invested $165 million into local projects, local clubs, and local schools, as well as support global movements like Earth Hour and Oxfam Australia. 

Bendigo Bank is home to Australia’s most satisfied home loan customers (that’s Roy Morgan Research talking, not us*).

Your home loan will help make more of these great things happen.

If you like traditional banking, we’ve got more than 500 branches across the country. If you like technology, our banking app is rated in the top 2 in the industry (okay, it’s second, but only by a whisker^). Regardless of how you choose to bank with us, you’ll like Bendigo Bank.

Find out more about us at bendigobank.com.au

* Roy Morgan Research Single Source: April – September 2016. ^Roy Morgan Research Finding No. 7100.

St.George Bank

St.George Bank is one of Australia’s leading Retail and Business Banking brands, serving over 2.6 million consumer, business and corporate customers in Australia. In 2008, St.George became part of Westpac Group.

St.George is known for exceptional service, innovative, award-winning products, and specialist financial advice for retail and business customers.


IMB Bank

Why choose IMB Bank?

Established in 1880, IMB has been helping people achieve their financial goals for 135 years. IMB offers a full range of banking solutions including home and personal lending, savings and transaction accounts, term deposits, business banking, financial planning and can arrange a wide range of insurance and travel products.

IMB has a growing branch network throughout the Illawarra, Sydney, NSW South Coast, the ACT and Melbourne. We have a lending specialist in every branch and a team of mobile lending specialists who will come to you. 

Learn more at imb.com.au

Bank of Melbourne

Super Local: We are Bank of Melbourne. We’re from here, we live here. We have an affinity with our customers that comes from a shared parochial pride in Melbourne and Victoria, and a common goal to see our people, businesses and neighbourhood prosper. We’re personally connected and involved, making a significant and proud contribution to their financial and social prosperity. We’re truly local and accessible, just down the road. We understand the tribal nature of Melbourne and are sensitive to the rhythm of each neighbourhood. Our people know the area well and shape services and advise accordingly.

Personal Recognition: We’re a bank that recognises the value of our customers. We know who they are, often by name. There’s a clear acknowledgment that we value them for their membership of the bank and that we’re here for them. We’ve created environments that encourage easy conversations so we can get a better understanding of each customer’s needs. We also recognise that sometimes they just want to make a transaction. Our system and services are seamless because we recognise that customers don’t see themselves as a series of products. We recognise and reward their loyalty and celebrate their achievements.

Trusted Adviser: We’re the people our customers trust to provide them with the most relevant and beneficial personal or business advice. Our knowledgeable staff focus on individual needs, taking great care to shape valuable and appropriate solutions. If circumstances change or we find a better solution, we’ll be proactive in sharing advice and adapting a solution to better suit the customer. Our focus on the customers comes from a shared focus on achievement because we know that being socially aware and fiscally prudent is the responsible thing to do.

Local Decisions: We live here. We do business here. We make decisions here. We’re empowered to think and act for ourselves, which brings extraordinary value to our customers. We’re accountable for our decisions. Our customers enjoy talking to decision makers because they know we’re the ones that will be responsive and take action quickly. We’re genuine and transparent and will explain if the product or service isn’t right for our customers. We make appropriate decisions in the best interests of our customers.

Learn more at bankofmelbourne.com.au

G&C Mutual Bank

G&C Mutual Bank is a Bank with a difference. The difference is that G&C Mutual Bank is owned by our members and everything we do is for the benefit of our members, our owners.

Everyone of our members is an owner with a voice and a say in our future. We make responsible, ethical decisions and then reinvest our profits to provide better products and services for our members.We offer a full suite of personal financial services and award winning products including savings, term deposits, loan and insurance options – all of which are designed to make life a little easier for you and your family.

We offer trusted, personalised service and our staff work hard to meet every members individual financial needs and help them choose the right products to meet their future goals.We strive to make banking easy for our members and offer a range of ways to access us, from workplace visits to home visits, phone enquiries to email enquiries, or face-to-face service through our branches.

We have been in operation since 1959 and are proud to be providing financial services to the community. Currently we have over 36,000 members who enjoy the G&C Mutual Bank experience. To experience a more rewarding banking experience, simply call us on 1300 364 400 or contact us via our website.

Learn more at gcmutualbank.com.au

Adelaide Bank.

At Adelaide Bank, we believe that everyone has a right to own their own home. That’s why we’ve been helping Australians do just that for over 150 years.

Our range of loan options are as varied as the dreams they bring to life. And our friendly customer service team is here to provide support, every step of the way.

We’re all about making home ownership as simple and affordable as it should be, for everybody. Whether you’re a first home buyer, self-employed or an investor, we have a loan to suit your needs.

Everyone’s idea of the perfect home is different, so too is their idea of what makes a perfect loan. We’re pleased to partner with Joust to put the power in your hands when it comes to finding the right loan product.

To learn more about our great loans and exceptional service, visit adelaidebank.com.au

Bank SA

BankSA has been a part of the fabric of South Australia since its early years, having opened our first branch in 1848. We’re the largest financial institution in South Australia and the State’s main provider of housing, personal finance and rural banking services. In 2008, BankSA and St.George became part of the Westpac Group. The Bank also plays a key role in the community as a sponsor of major State events and through the BankSA Foundation, makes donations to approximately 100 South Australian and Northern Territory-based charities each year.


Auswide Bank

The Auswide Bank brand was launched in 2015 after 50 years operating as a building society specialising in helping Australians to achieve home ownership.

We provide an extensive range of personal and business banking products & services across Australia via strategic relationships, online & digital channels, branches and Bank@Post outlets. Even though we are a smaller Australian bank, we believe it’s the small things that make us different!  Especially when you compare us to the ‘big banks’, the banks ‘owned’ by the ‘big banks’, the ‘overseas owned’ banks and the purely ‘online’ banks. In a fast paced, complex and impersonal world, it’s the small things that are often sacrificed and it’s easy to feel forgotten!

Small things that can give life meaning and create real value, so small things really matter to us here at Auswide Bank. We know every action we take and every decision we make creates a big difference to your banking experience and financial position. So apart from home loans which are competitively priced and packaged with great features we place great importance on attention to detail, delivering on our promises and ‘going the extra mile‘ – no matter where you live. 

Auswide Bank is friendly and flexible. We are responsive and responsible. We are agile and nimble. We listen and then we deliver. When you choose Auswide Bank you can count on being supported both now (with obligation free advice, pre-approval and easy home loan application) and in the future by our Australian customer care consultants available 7am to 7pm AEST weekdays.

Learn more at auswidebank.com.au


Keylend is an Australian owned and operated brand. 

At Keylend we offer a wealth of knowledge and experience. Whether you are a first home buyer, next home buyer, experienced investor, or simply looking to refinance, our Lending Advisers can assist with all of your financial needs.

We operate Australia wide with our head office based in South Australia. As a full member of the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA), Keylend has a proud history and reputation in the Australian mortgage industry.

With over 80 lending advisers Australia wide, we remain focused on the holistic service proposition for our lending advisers. Keylend will be presenting bids to customers from the following banks – CBA, ANZ, NAB, Bankwest, Suncorp, Macquarie, Beyond, Credit Union SA and AMP.


Hume Bank

Hume is a customer owned bank that exists to invest in customers and their communities.

With over 150 staff, an extensive branch network and online capability, customers can do business with us easily when, where and how they wish. This blended service approach allows us to create a next generation customer experience.

We offer a real banking alternative to the big banks and each year we put $22 million in the communities in which we operate directly and indirectly with our buy local focus. With over 61,000 customers, we continue to remain relevant to their emerging needs, by delivering all the banking essentials seamlessly.



QBANK is the boutique bank exclusively for all government employees in Queensland, and their families.

Established in 1964, our mission is to help those serving achieve their dreams of home ownership through a better mortgage.

Our Home Loan products come with competitive interest rates and are tailored to suit our members’ needs. Backed by exceptional customer service, we’re a Bank that understands you and the job that you do.


Community First Credit Union

Community First Credit Union is a Sydney based Credit Union that has been in operation since 1959. We are a mutual organisation, which means that we are Member owned and are run for the benefit of our Members, not for external shareholder profit. As a mutual organisation Community First is not required to make large profits to pay dividends on shares. We deliver value to our Members as owners through superior service, an extensive range of products, lower fees and competitive interest rates, on a national basis. We aim to continue to be an integral part of the communities in which our Members live and work.

Our 56,000+ Members are part of the 4.5 million Australians who prefer to bank with a credit union or building society. A place with the products of a major bank, but with consistently better home loan rates and a place where profits go back into creating better products for Members.

Part of our compelling customer value proposition is not to treat members like they bank with a shareholder-owned bank. Community First strives to offer members something different and truly puts members first in the delivery of products and services which help them achieve their personal financial goals. For over fifty years, our focus has been on building financial relationships that deliver value to Members through standards of service superior than our competitors, fairer fees and competitive interest rates on savings and loans. 


Azura Financial

Azura Financial offers a premium finance broking and mortgage advisory services, so you can be assured that you will not only receive the best advice but also a premium customer service experience from our highly qualified and experienced team.

Azura Financial will work with you to develop an understanding of your current financial position and your future goals, requirements and objectives. We will then review and recommend the most competitive and appropriate products and structure for your unique situation.

Azura Financial will be presenting bids to customers from the following banks – CBA, ANZ, NAB, Bankwest, Bank of Queensland, Suncorp, Macquarie, Beyond and AMP. The loan application process will be precisely managed for you right through from application until settlement. This ensures that the process is as smooth, hassle free and least time consuming as possible.

Azura Financial


Established in 1972, Bank First was founded to create a better economic life for people working in education and their families. Since then, the Bank has grown to over 100,000 customers and in excess of $2 billion in assets.

As a customer owned bank, profits are reinvested into the organisation to add to its strength and security, not to external shareholders. This also allows Bank First to provide continuing value to customers through highly competitive interest rates, a low fee structure and a broad range of products and services for all life stages, including a wide range of home loans.

To find out more visit bankfirst.com.au

Well Home Loans

We’re not a traditional online lender. We’re a non-bank lender that just happens to live online. So that means some good old fashioned customer service is at the heart of what we do.

At Well, we want to bring back the simple and easy home loans that help people the most. We cut out a lot of the hidden costs that are involved in the mortgage process. This means that we lend direct to you and ensure that you get the best rates we can offer.

To find out more, please visit: wellhomeloans.com.au

My Wholesale Rate

My Wholesale Rate helps you cut out the big bank, save on fees and get a better deal. No ongoing fees, unlimited repayments, fast and easy to apply, all with local support from Australia.

What is a mortgage manager?

A mortgage manager is different to a bank. Banks provide loans, have savings accounts and also issue credit cards.

Mortgage managers simply manage your loan. So why would you use a mortgage manager over a bank? Generally we have different lending niche’s eg more flexibility and could potentially be able to lend you more than a bank does based on your income or your employment type. With less overheads, there is a greater ability to provide you more competitive rates and more nimble service.

How do we source our funds?

Like every other funder, via securitised bonds. This is how all banks get their money, either via the reserve bank or private equity firms. These bond issuer’s provide the money to approved funders whom then give the money out to distributors such as MyWholesalerate.com.au